Anjana Somany

Anjana Somany has worked extensively as a researcher, focussing on the living craft traditions of India. Her experience at the grassroots level in the area of crafts and textiles began in 1987 as Founding Committee Member of the Crafts Council of Andhra Pradesh. As head of various reputed organizations such as the FICCI Ladies Organization and the Delhi Crafts Council, she has worked for the empowerment of women in business across all levels. An alumna of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, she has presented papers at the International WEFT Art Symposium in London and Dar-Al-Athar in Kuwait, among other places. Through her company Mango Tree Tours and Exhibitions, she leads specially curated cultural study tours accompanied by scholars. Anjana has also been the curator of several exhibitions including ‘Indigo: The Magical Dye’ and ‘Painted Narratives from India: Preserving History through the Art of Story-Telling’ in South Africa, ‘Seeds, Beads and Silver’, held at the Africa-India Summit in Ethiopia, the ‘Earthwise’-India section, at the Indo-Korean Natural Dyes Symposium, Chennai, etc. With the Delhi Crafts Council, she co-curated Chamba Rumal: Life to a Dying Art’ and ‘Adornment Head to Toe: Indian Tribal Silver Jewelry In New Delhi. ‘Kerala Sutra: Mango Tree Craft and Design’, was a path-breaking craft-based design project pioneered by her. Her latest creation, ‘Craft Stories Under the Mango Tree’, was launched in Jaipur in January 2019 alongside the Jaipur Literature Festival.

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