Desdemona Roopakam Show 2

Desdemona Roopakam | Show 2

Venue Old GMC Complex
Discipline Theatre
Curated by Quasar Thakore Padamsee
Artists Abhishek Majumdar , Irawati Karnik , MD Pallavi , Veena Appiah , Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy , William Shakespeare’s , Tishani Doshi’s Girls are coming out of the woods , Bindhu Malini , Nikhil Nagaraj , Niranjan Gokhale , Prajwal S , Goutham Upadhya

Date 22 Dec
Time 07:00 pm - 08:25 pm

‘Desdemona Roopakam’ is a play that looks at the narratives of missing women in epics and is sung entirely like a Chamber Opera using Carnatic, Hindustani and Folk music. 
Desdemona Rupakam contests the absence of female voices which could otherwise have provided a deeper insight into the life of Desdemona, thereby challenging the erasure of any resistance from Desdemona as she is killed by Othello. The play co-written by MD Pallavi, Bindhu Malini, Veena Appiah, Abhishek Majumdar and Irawati Karnik also comprises the original text of Shakespeare’s Othello and poetry by Tishani Doshi.  
Direction and Scenography: Abhishek Majumdar  
Devised and written by: Irawati Karnik, Abhishek Majumdar, MD Pallavi, Veena Appiah, Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy  
Original Texts : William Shakespeare’s  Othello; Tishani Doshi’s Girls are coming out of the woods  
Translated by: MD Pallavi, Bindhu Malini and Aparna Chandar  
Performed by: Pallavi MD, Bindhu Malini, Nikhil Nagaraj  
Sound Design: Nikhil Nagaraj  
Light Design: Niranjan Gokhale  
Producer: Veena Appiah  
Dramaturgy: Irawati Karnik  
Surtitles: Prajwal S  
Production assistant: Goutham Upadhya 
Time: 7.00PM-8.25PM
Venue: 'The Theatre', Old GMC Complex

Disclaimer: We would like to thank you all for your overwhelming response to the Festival! It is this enthusiasm that makes our return to Panjim all the more special. Performances and workshops have limited seating. Those who had pre-registered for a performance/workshop will be given preference for entry. Beyond that, if seats are left, entry will be allowed on a first come first serve basis.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

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